fredag 8. april 2011

woked pork with ginger

This meal I made out of whatever my fridge contained at the moment I was making my dinner.. I must admit, most of my meals are made that way..

I often find myself standing in the grocery store.. hungry like a lion.. putting the easyest thing to reach into my basket.. not concidering what goes with what.. and when I come home,  I always seem to miss a crucial important ingredience.

To make this dish you need:

Butter or vegetable oil
Sliced pork meat
Yellow onion
Vegetable stock
Baby spinach

Melt to spoons of butter/vegetable oil in the wok. Add the pork and let it get a nice tan. Take the pork out of the wok and place it on a plate. Add chopped onion, mushroom, curry, ginger, salt and pepper. Fry for a minute or two. Add the already fried pork, the vegetable stock and some water. Let it boil for a short while. 

Serve with rice and baby spinach.

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