torsdag 21. april 2011

Happy Easter Omelet

This is easy to make and required at Easter. :-) I went to a local farm and bought a lot of eggs for Easter. I like buying them at a farm, because they sometimes are bigger than usual. If I am lucky some of them can have two yolks!

To make this fast and easy omelet you need:

4-6 eggs




sausage or ham

grated chesse

If you want to add something else just do it, and if you want to leave something out, you can do that too. But not the eggs of course. ;-)

Make a hole on each side of the egg, topp and bottom, with a knittingneedle. Blow the egg into a bowl. This might take some time and you may get trumpet lips during the prosess..

Add the rest of the ingredients. Whisk everything together with a fork.

Heat a pan and add some butter or oil. Add the eggmix. When the eggmix start to stiffen, turn the omelet and fry on the other side. When it has got a nice tan, divide it into four and put it on some slices of bread.

You can decorate for Easter with painted egg shells. Happy Easter!

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